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Being one of the least dense populations in Los Angeles, tucked between Calabasas and Reseda, Woodland Hills is an area which is conducive to raising a family. Having a Recreation Center, parks and hiking trails nearby, there are a lot of activities available in the area. Of course, carpet and furniture cleaning are an important part of the experience of growing up with kids, because accidents happen all the time.

So this scenario is probably familiar to residents of the area. Your smart but rambunctious children come home one day from St. Mel private school and they get into the cupboards, looking for a snack to fill their time while mom is at the local gym. They grab the organic grape juice from the refrigerator and decide to have a tea party in the living room with actual teacups. Spilling and splashing, the juice courses over the coffee table and onto your hand stitched rug. It’s a Wool Chain Stitch Rug which you bought while vacationing in India, two beautiful peacocks standing nobly in the scene. When you get home, the stain has already settled among the disaster of crumbs and dirty dishes, muddying the bright colors of those stately birds. You slap yourself in the forehead, knowing that you should have hung it on the wall as it was meant to be, but you just didn’t have the time for it. You need someone to immediately come over and do a cleaning, because even though it was a moderate purchase, it held precious memories of that trip two years ago. Bel Air Carpet Cleaners is here to solve your problem.

Our business is meticulous about knowing the variety of rugs that exist out there, so we are very cautious in testing out what product will work with your fabrics, especially if they have colors that could possibly run. We use the best non-toxic cleaning products available to make sure your carpet is cleaned thoroughly. You’ll appreciate our honest and straightforward nature so contact us for a free upfront quote on the phone and see how we treat you and your rugs at home. Give us a call today and find out what we can do for you!

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