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Residential Upholstery Cleaning

r3upMurphy’s Law and beautiful sofas are mortal enemies. Fact. You will break your diet one day, you will get yourself a cupcake, and you will drop this cupcake, purple frosting side down, on your glorious pinstriped couch. And then what? You call us. We’re the clad champions of upholstery cleaning. We use a steam cleaning process in combination with the strongest non-toxic, green products available in today’s industry. We don’t charge extra for pillows, nor do we pocket the buttons, change, and TV remotes we might find in the bowels of your living room set. Most of our calls are for sofas, but we’ll clean most any upholstered furniture, be it cotton, polyester, linen, micro-fiber, canvas, or most other durable fabric. Given their delicacy, we don’t do leather, silk, or certain very old fabrics.


A few reasons to clean your upholstery include:

• Removes Allergens

• Reduces Allergy Symptoms

• Helps Fabric Last Longer

• Sanitizes the Fabric

• Kills Bacteria

• Helps Fabric Look and Feel New

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