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Here’s some information about the cleaning products Bel Air Carpet Cleaners of Los Angeles use, and some information on what types of products a lot of our competitors use.

• We use green cleaning products that are 100% safe for you, your family and pets health as well as the environment.

• Our cleaning agents contain no Chemicals

• All Non-Toxic

• Child, Pet, and Planet Friendly

• Biodegradable

• Our cleaning technology is recommended for schools, homes, offices and retail establishments such as restaurants and medical offices.

Bel Air Carpet Cleaners uses the best environmentally friendly cleaning products that will get your carpets incredibly clean. Our process is safe for carpet, rugs and all sorts of upholstered furniture. The cleaning technology is recommended for schools, restaurants, homes, retail establishments and for everyone who is chemically sensitive. All our products are highly concentrated, non-toxic, free of soap and odors, biodegradable, planet friendly, green seal certified and made with all natural ingredients.



Most carpet cleaners put chemicals in your carpets, rugs and furniture. Conventional cleaning products and even the ones that called themselves natural ones use chemicals to get the job done. These cleaning agents leave behind synthetic fragrance oils, fumes, and a lot of times leave chemicals that are harmful to people and pets through breathing and absorbing poisons through skin.

In a lot of the commercial and home carpet cleaning products the ingredients list is full of toxic products. What’s even scarier is that a lot of carpet cleaners put those products right in your carpet and they continue to gas of at your place for a while.

What’s even worst is kids, pets and babies spend a lot of time crawling, sleeping and hanging around on the carpet, putting their hand in their mouth. That’s why it’s crucial to hire a quality carpet cleaning company in Los Angeles such as the Bel Air carpet Cleaners that really care about the products that are used.

The chemicals found in cleaning products are not only bad for you, but also have a negative effect on the environment. Water is washed down in sinks and toilets, going into oceans, having negative effects on wildlife and the ecosystem.

A lot of allergies, asthma and bronchitis are caused by chemicals in the air right at your very home, so the next time you hire a carpet cleaning company ask them what products they are using and take a look at the back of their truck yourself!



Bel Air Carpet Cleaners of Los Angeles offers a 100% natural alternative to toxic carpet cleaners. From our experience the best cleaning solutions come directly from Mother Nature. We use botanical based cleaners that are child, pet and planet friendly. Using a synergistic blend of natural ingredients, this formula is fully biodegradable and best of all it works, leaving your home with an uplifting natural freshness and no worries about your health or the health of the environment. Make a (low) impact and choose Bel Air Carpet Cleaners for all your carpet, rug and furniture cleaning needs.