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Production Upholstery Cleaning

p3uFilm people know drama. Ready? I’m setting a scene for you. Feel it. Go:

You know this guy with the perfect couch. It’s so ugly your director won’t believe it. You get the couch. Your director loves it.  You show the art director. She clutches her breast and almost keels over with joy. It. Is. Perfect. You bring the couch to set. It’s placed parallel to the TV. The room is complete. You are a hero. You grab a hero’s smoothie. Take a jaunty hero’s walk. Trip over some stupid extra’s sweater. You take a hero’s fall. The smoothie goes airborne! It’s headed straight for the couch! It’s nearly ALL strawberry! WHAT DO YOU DO?

The smart production person now calls Bel Air Carpet Cleaners. We will drop what we’re doing, come to you, and extract that smoothie. We’re available when you need us; emergencies or by appointment. Our extraction techniques are non-toxic, and capital T thorough. If that couch has any chance at all, we will save it.

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