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The 90265 area, couched between the Santa Monica Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, this beach front community has always been considered an area of affluence and an active surfing culture.  Before it was incorporated, this area was jealously guarded by the Rindge family during the early 20th Century and kept private until the state won a lawsuit to have the Pacific Coast Highway run through their property.  Rhoda May Rindge, in a bid to prevent selling off the land in 1926, created a modest ceramic tile factory whose tiles furnished Beverly Hills residences and Los Angeles public buildings and can still be seen today.  The Adamson House in Malibu Lagoon State Beach Park is one of the historical buildings which house these colorful tiles.  This sense of exclusivity continues into the modern day as the Malibu Colony is known as a gated community that houses million dollar homes with beautiful views of both the coastline and the bluffs of Point Dume which is familiar to those who do moderate top rope rock climbing. Due to its popularity with celebrities, many have resided or been born in and around this community, such as Robert Downey, Jr., Kevin Garnett, and Jimmy Kimmel.  We here at Bel Air Carpet Cleaners are proud to be represented by this community and are available to do our best cleaning of your furniture and rugs, whether your residence is couched among the rural Santa Monica Mountains or among the ridges just bordering the Pacific.  We specialize in green and eco-friendly cleaning of your luxury items whether you need your linens or shag carpets carefully vacuumed of sand or you need us to meticulously remove stains from your fragile silk fabrics.

Malibu has been the site of many movies as well as TV shows due to its photogenic landscape.  The original Planet of the Apes was filmed there where a scale version of a buried Statue of Liberty was embedded in the sands near Point Dume.  The television show The O.C. also had certain characters homes located in the area.  Recently, the beaches have become a popular place to film music videos with Destiny’s Child, Girls Aloud, and Rammstein being a few of the bands that have utilized the area.  Being well aware of how residences are used as temporary sets, an extra special cleaning might be exactly what is in order for you.  We here at Bel Air Carpet Cleaners know how this temporary occupation can create unfortunate stains and unforseen smudges after their exit and we are ready, willing, and able to bring your home back up to the level of cleanliness you prefer.  We deal with grease, streaks from sneakers, even fake blood if you had a thriller or horror movie filmed at your residence.  There is no challenge to large for us, because we want to complete the best cleaning for you, our client.  We are also aware of how fragile an environment Malibu is, from the chapparal that keeps mudslides at bay to the dry vegetation in the Santa Monica Mountains that makes the area sensitive to forest fires.  We try to keep that balance in mind when using products on your furniture, especially to make sure we use green or eco-friendly products wherever and whenever we can.  A home is where you live to keep a sense of serenity and we would like to contribute to that element.

So now is the time to give Bel Air Carpet Cleaners a call because we give you excellent, consistent service with every cleaning we do.  Discounts are available on our Coupon page, so please visit it to see our latest promotion.  We would like to show you that we are the best carpet and furniture cleaning business in your area.

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