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Are your products safe?
Yes! We use only the best absolute non-toxic carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning products that are 100% safe for everyone including pets.

What makes your company different from other cleaning companies?
The biggest difference is that we sincerely care. We care about the people we hire, we care about the products we use, we care about the cleaning process we use. We care about our customers. We’re a family business and are the result of many years of planning and developing. We don’t have hidden fees; our team in not only knowledgeable, but are also fun, honest, reliable, always impeccably dressed and have a passion for providing top notch customer service. Our equipment is designed for high performance standards to achieve a healthier, longer lasting result. The cleaning products we use are a concentrated high performance cleaners that are non-toxic, minimally processed biodegradable, natural soap free, odor free, colorless, hypoallergenic, green seal certified and environmentally friendly and are approved by all the major carpet manufactures.

What forms of payment do you accept?
You may pay by cash, Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express. All jobs are cash on delivery C.O.D.

What areas do you work in?
All over LA! We’re based out of Beverly Hills, so we primarily hit the closely surrounding areas; Bel Air, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Holmby Hills, Brentwood and pretty much all of West Los Angeles, etc. But we’re often willing to travel. If you’re in Calabasas, and you realize one morning that you want your carpets to be cleaned, call us and we’ll try our best to make it happen. Please click service areas to see all the areas we service.

What is your carpet and fabric Protectant?
Our carpet and fabric Protectant. Is. Amazing. It’s a thin layer of protection that we can apply to pretty much any fabric, which repels stains like water off a duck’s back. Our Protectant is an excellent service for your home. It protects your carpet, rugs, and furniture from the very people most likely to destroy it: your friends, family and pets. The layer we apply is so thin that you won’t feel it, and should be re-applied about once a year.

My cat just had an oopsy on my couch. What is your process for dealing with that and can you come right now?
We’ll certainly try! Our availability varies, so give us a call, no matter when or where your little angel did his deed. And you might want to visit a cat psychologist. Whiskers could be feeling resentful. Pets are great, but do leave urine stains, pet dander and odors, which is one of the main causes of allergies. Carpet smells mostly appear from pet dander that has transferred and started living in the carpet. Dogs and cats love being outdoors, playing and rolling around in the dirt! Then, they finish up outside, decide to come back and lie down and you start noticing spots and stains showing up in areas of the home. The way we deal with this is by first identifying the affected spots, and then next applying an appropriate pre-treatment on the top of the identified stains. We then thoroughly wash, steam and extract the urine, dirt and soil with our powerful steam cleaning equipment.  Please note not all treatments can be guaranteed to completely remove the odor and stains, but we will certainly exert every effort to try to make it happen.

Can you help me get more money for my home that’s listed for sale?
Our goal is to make you and your real estate agent’s job easier! We are specialists in cleaning for home stagers, house sellers and purchasers of resale homes. Call us before you spend money replacing the carpets in your home.

What do I have to do to prepare for my carpet cleaning session?
Please do a light pre-vacuum, and move any breakables out of the cleaning areas. We’ll move small things, but in order to focus on the carpet, we ask our clients to move the big pieces that they want us to clean under. Our business insurance doesn’t allow our technicians to move, TV’s, China cabinets, computers, and other large or fragile items.

Do you work weekends?
That’s a big 10-4, good buddy. We work evenings, weekends, and holidays that aren’t that personally meaningful. We’re happy to accommodate your schedule!

Can you clean my area rugs?
Bel Air Carpet Cleaners specializes in rug cleaning. We pick your rug up and take it to our cleaning facility to perform our rug washing procedure. The usual time frame for this is five to ten days.

How long should I stay off the carpet?
Our stuff is non-toxic, so you don’t ever have to stay off of it, but your feet will get a bit damp, if you don’t wait a few hours. Average carpets will take one to three hours to dry. Some thicker weave carpets do require additional drying times due to the thicker designs of the textile.

How often should my carpet be cleaned?
If you have bad allergies, you should call us three to four times a year. We remove the irritants embedded in your home, making the air cleaner and fresher. For everyone else, indoor air quality specialists and carpet manufacturers recommend getting a professional cleaning at least every six to twelve months.

How long will it take to do the job?
Varies by size, give us a call or shoot us an email with your space details and we will let you know.

Can you guarantee that a stain will come out?
It’s a bummer to say, but no; we can’t guarantee it. No one honestly in the cleaning industry can. We can guarantee to use our expertise and the very best available technology. We have many years of combined on site experience, and are experienced in cleaning stains off of many different carpets and fabric types, and are able to employ unique strategies to get results that are not possible by others; However we can’t give an unequivocal yes.

What are your rates?
We charge a flat, per square foot carpet cleaning fee. Rugs are the same, we charge per square foot, and we pick up and drop off for free. Our minimum charge for carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning is $130.
Often times you’ll find carpet cleaning companies offering a low price to get into someone’s home, then once they are there, they use high pressure sales tactics and start charging extra for, vacuuming, using certain products, gas, handling of waste, travel time, sanitize, conditioning, disinfecting and other combinations. Often the client ends up with a bill that is much larger then the price given in the beginning and over the phone.
We don’t do that! We have a system and protocol to achieving great customer service. Our price points are stated and stuck to; we’ll tell you what the price is upfront, we won’t ever stick you with unexpected, obnoxious fees.

What equipment do you use?
Our operation looks a little different. Those giant carpet cleaning trucks you’re imagining? They’re loud! They scare your dog! We don’t like them so much. They’re intrusive, potentially messy beasts with inferior extraction capabilities. Instead we use advanced, high powered, mobile steam cleaners and extractors which provide that powerful Bel Air heat, deep powerful suction and are fast and non-intrusive, and are many times more efficient than is possible with older and other technologies.

What is your carpet cleaning process?
Steam, baby, steam! We believe that natural is best. You can have cleaner, healthier, happier carpets that stay cleaner longer. We clean deep into fibers and fabrics with the goal of not only to return the fibers and fabrics back to its original state but to enrich the fibers and leave them soft and smelling fresh, just like the first day it was walked on.

A) Inspection
We take the time to inspect your requested cleaning areas and go over our process to getting your carpet, rug and upholstery looking great again. We will provide you with the upfront cost in the beginning, so there are no surprises at the end of the job.

B) Floor and Wall Protection
We use blankets, wall protectors and special paper to protect your marble, granite, hardwood and other flooring from damage. Most other cleaning service business’s just don’t care, they rush and are eager to leave faster, and often are careless with your other flooring. We’re not like that! We care and will treat your home and office like it’s our own.

C) Removing Soil
Soil gets dry in your carpet and is responsible for exhausting the threading and holds mite dropping, dead skin, pet dander which causes allergies, coughing and sneezing among other things.

D) Suspending Soil
We use our high quality green non-toxic products to condition traffic lanes and stains on your carpet which will get your carpet prepared for the next phase!

E) Treating Spots
Our cleaning techs will apply the right treatments to make sure that spots and stains get removed without popping back up.

F) Extracting Dirt
We use the most powerful steam extracting machines in Los Angeles to give your carpets and rugs the ride of their life with a deep thorough steam cleaning.

G) Treating Stains
Stains penetrate the fiber of your carpet and enter the dye section which pretty much means that the color of your carpet has been permanently changed. Our techs are experts in dealing with different types of stains and come prepared with non-toxic cleaning products to get the job. If it’s a stain we think we can’t remove we will let you know ahead of time in most cases.

H) Power of Water
We take regular tap water and make it into a completely green cleaning product  that doesn’t have any sort of chemicals in it. It will leave your carpets soft, without residue and help it stay cleaner longer.

I) Dry Times
Two times the fun! Or at least two times the vacuums. Our machines contain a pair of high powered vacuums, which remove water and leave your carpet free of residue. In certain situations we’ll use a high speed fan to assist the carpet, rug or upholstery dry faster.

J) Protectant
As an option we can apply a high quality carpet and fabric protective finish that will make caring and maintaining the appearance much easier.

K) Walk Through
Once we are done we like to walk through all the cleaned areas with the client to make sure everything looks great and you are satisfied!