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A city highly associated with Classic Hollywood and as the original home of MGM Studios, Culver City has been a central location for film since the 1920’s.  As a powerhouse for stars and silent pictures, its first big triumph was to bring the production of Ben-Hur, an inherited, out-of-control film, to Culver City and film in the studio there.  By bringing its budget under control and its subsequent success upon release, this became Culver City’s first major success within the film industry.  Gone with the Wind, Citizen Kane, and The Thin Man were popular and renowned and filmed at the studio in Ben-Hur’s wake.  The Culver Hotel became a hotspot and temporary home for the cast of Wizard of Oz, Clark Gable, Buster Keaton, and Greta Garbo.  During the era of Prohibition, Washingston Boulevard was a popular spot for speakeasys such as the infamous Cotton Club which increased the draw of Hollywood’s most famous actors and writers.  Today, although Old Hollywood has gone the way of historical note, New Hollywood continues to thrive in Culver City with Sony Pictures Studios.  Recent films of note made within the incorporated city are Raging Bull, E.T. The Extra Terrestrial , and Moneyball.  We at Bel Air Carpet Cleaners honor the presence of this city and are proud to represent ourselves as available to do the best cleaning for this historic Hollywood location.  As a noted residence for Drew Barrymore, Jack Black, and Robert Trujillo, this is a neighborhood where people appreciate its deep film making history and Bel Air Carpet Cleaners are available to work on furniture and rugs for any location whether residence or studio.

For a moment, we’d like to take the time to describe some of the furniture from the 1920s – 1930s with which we are familiar.  For example, there is the 1930 Louis XVI-Style armchairs which were produced.  These were carved from walnut and upholstered with white linen.  Since we know that excessive cleaning can devalue vintage linens, we prefer to use a dry cleaning process.  First we carefully vacuum the linen with minimal pressure to remove as much dust and dirt as possible from the surface.  The next step is to use a dry foam cleaner and apply it with a sponge, a rub and dab process is applied to lift as much of the embedded dirt as possible.  Using towels, placed over the foamed areas, we soak up the foam as well as any remaining dirt.  While still wet, we complete another gentle vacuum then dry the cloth with blow fans.  This describes our meticulous process to give you the best cleaning possible even with classic and vintage furniture.

So whether you buy a Pecan Carmen Chaise from Pier 1 Imports or own a wool Materico Rug Calligaris from the local store Pomp Home, Bel Air Carpet Cleaners will take equal care with any furniture you present to us.  Call us for a quote today!

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