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Bel Air Carpet Cleaners is dedicated to being the best carpet and furniture cleaning business in your particular neighborhood and Burbank is one of those locations we are proud to serve.  It is a city known for being the working hub, having moved from the aeronautics industry of Lockheed to the film and entertainment industry it is known for today.  Being a location that houses the Walt Disney Studios, NBC-TV Studios, Warner Brothers, and the Cartoon Network, it is no surprise it is considered the Media Capital of the World.  As the historical city for live studio audiences, many will remember the catchphrase “From beautiful downtown Burbank” being used on such classic television shows as Laugh-In and Johhny Carson’s Tonight Show.  It is also the location for such classic films as Casablanca and Mary Poppins and certain locations such as the Safari Inn Motel and Burbank Town Center have been used heavily as locations for both television and film.  We know that studios and set locations have, at many times, wall to wall rugs that need to be thoroughly cleaned after a shoot and furniture which needs to be restored to its previously pristine condition and Bel Air Carpet Cleaners are the best ones for the job.  Our employees are available for these deep clean projects whether they are short term or are extended into a daily or weekly cleaning.

This 91504 area is also an excellent spot for its shopping resources, whether you want to get Ikea furniture from the popular Burbank Town Center or stroll through the Empire Center neighborhood which is reminiscent of original Lockheed era signage and architecture.  Considering that Burbank is bordered by North Hollywood, Glendale, and Studio City, it is a natural hub where neighboring communities go to shop.  Though these areas are known for box chain stores, Ikea still does provide some unique rugs and furniture for your home.  We are more than happy to thoroughly steam clean your flatwoven Stockholm or Skârup rugs with our green products or do a deep cleaning on your Vreta sofa bed.   From the comfortable and familiar feel of cotton to the utility of microfiber, we are experienced in a wide range of fabrics to satisfy your cleaning needs whether large or small, whether in loft apartments or large homes.

One particular neighborhood of interest is the Magnolia Park district, which has been around since the 1920’s and has kept its small town feel by preventing large scale chains from opening in the area.  It retains its Eisenhower era look, by promoting local antique shops and boutiques to fit in with its tree shaded tranquility.  Magnolia Row stores include Hubba Hubba, Unique Vintage, and 1928 Vintage Jewelry which all specialize in early 20th century styles and fashion.  More than likely, the population of this area will have furniture such as a Queen Anne style Armchair or a vintage set of upholstered Art Deco seats.  Our carpet cleaning business is knowledgeable about older fabrics and we take the time to make sure we do the best job possible when it comes to doing a thorough and deep cleaning on your vintage furniture.

Burbank may seem utilitarian to outsiders, but it is a vital part of the Los Angeles community and has had a rich, deep history.  Bel Air Carpet Cleaners are familiar with this work ethic and we strive to give you the best rug and furniture cleaning experience there is available.  As always, we attempt to use the most green and eco-friendly products available for cleaning, because we like to be sensitive to the environment and to any allergens that may agitate pets or residents.  As a courtesy to our new clients, please visit our Coupon page so you can receive a 10% on your next carpet cleaning.  We look forward to working with you to keep your residence or business looking sharp and clean.


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