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Bel Air Carpet Cleaners was started by two brothers who figured they could provide a better service than was previously available. They figured that if they got the best equipment, and hired the best people, they would really have something. You are now perusing that something’s website.

We combine years of experience with an eye toward the future. Technologies have changed in this business, and we have embraced that. Our carpet cleaning equipment is leaner and greener than the outdated truck mounted system that most companies use. We use a high powered, mobile steam cleaner and extractor. We get right on top of your stain, and blast it away using non-toxic, green products and super-heated steam. Our extractor is many times more efficient than is possible with older technologies, because the machine is so close to the stain that it doesn’t lose any suction. Brilliant!

We use the same powerful steam cleaner to clean upholstery, and we use whatever technique is most appropriate to clean rugs- which we pick up and drop off at no extra charge. Our carpet and rug cleaning pricing makes, dare I say, sense. We charge per foot, and we will never stick you with random add-ons. We will deep clean sans extra charge, we will remove stains sans extra charge, we will clean your carpet as you would expect professionals to clean your carpet. No funny business!

We are fun, honest, reliable and impeccably dressed. Our technicians take pride in their work; in being courteous, on time, and in cleaning your carpet as well as we would do our own. Simply put, we want you to be satisfied with our work, and to call us back. Old school work ethic, what!